iCon Ultralift 

30 mins 20€

60 mins 38€   

Face or Body  

A   new  dimension  in  non surgical  technology, backed by  on  going research and  development.


Our innovative  technology for  both  face and  body promotes  preventative

toning  and  age reversal

treatments  with  outstanding results. See Gallery 

Éminence Organic Skincare Facial

Prescriptive        75 mins 38€

Anti-oxidant rich blends for

premature ageing, sun damaged


or sensitive skins.


Age Corrective    75 mins 45€

Collagen boosting and tight-

ening with natural retinol.

Restores collagen levels and

cell vitality. See Gallery 


Deep and calming cleanse with Lemon cleanser and exfoliating cleanser.

Exfoliation to remover dead skin cells.

Facial steam to open blocked pores.

Facial masque suited to skin type. 

Hand or foot massage to induce total relaxation & well being.

Hot towel cleanse.

Serum and eye gel/cream.

Moisturise; to nourish & hydrate skin.

Pressure point and lymphatic face and head massage to stimulte cell tissue repair & plump up the skin.

All products used are ÉMINENCE. 

Luxury warm

paraffin wax facial

90 mins      47€

A deep cleanse facial which penetrates into the pores. Excellent to hydrate the skin and reduce wrinkles. Using only the highest quality waxes with Hemp oil for sensitivity. Your skin will be rejuvenated and super soft. 


Follows the Éminence protocol, using a deep hemp mask for very dry, open pores or oily skin types.