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Products used in Harmony and why


Having worked in the beauty industry  for  25 years,   both

in top-end salons and independently, I have used a wide range of skin products. Without reservation Éminince is far superior to anything else that I have ever used.

  • Certified  Organic.

  • Free from parabens, propylen glycol, SLS, artifial colours and fragrances, mineral oils and petrolatum.

  • Made from the potent nutritious fruits herbs and vegetables.

  • Handmade and hand-picked with no mass production.

  • Cruelty-free, never tested on animals.

  • Won over 150 awards in the last few years alone.



iCon Ultralift

Questions and Answers regarding the icon ultra-lift NSF


Q  Do micro-current treatments actually work?

A  Yes, all micro-current treatments work on the body as well as the face.


Q  When will I see results?

A  You will see results after the first treatment but more treatments means better results.


Q  Do I need to keep having the treatments when I have reached my desired look?

A  Normally a top up treatment is recommended every 4-6 weeks.


Q  Can anyone have a micro-current treatment?

A  Although the micro-current is non evasive and pain free it is not recommended for anyone with a pace-maker or persons with facial fillers or Botox.


Q  Is a micro-current treatment painful?

A  No.  Most people fall asleep through their treatment.


Q  I only want one treatment?

A  No problem, even with just one treatment the results from a 1 hour facial is superior to any other facial treatment. Want to look your best for a special event then it has to be the icon micro-current ultralift. 


Q  I want to take a course of 10 treatments, how many times do I need to come to the salon?

A  For a course of 10 treatments I recommend two treatments a week.


Q Does micro-current build collagen?

A Yes, micro-current not only retrains your muscles, but it also works at a cellular level to boost collagen for firmer skin. This can help to minimise fine lines and wrinkles.


Q  How does the micro-current work?

A  The micro-current machine was originally developed to treat facial paralysis like Bells Palsy as early as 1970. It wasn’t long before the beauty industry soon recognised the benefits that the micro-current machine could offer. If this machine could put muscles back into place for people with facial psoriasis then it would work on all muscles by tightening and lifting. The micro-current machine has gone from strength to strength and now is one of the most popular treatments in beauty salons.

Young Nails

Whether it be Gel Polish, Acrylics or Gel

it has to be ........

When it comes to nails no one does it better than the Americans. I trained with young nails 7 years ago and have loved their products since. 

Young Nails Inc. is a professional nail care company respected for next-level product innovation and education. Their mission is to bring you the best quality products with incredible results. 

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