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Tip of the Month....May 

Pedicure Time

Nail fungus is something most of us have to deal with from time to time, but you can apply 90% alcohol that can be bought in your local supermarket.

The alcohol kills the bacteria, viruses and fungi by disturbing the cell structure, killing the pathogens and fungi on contact. It starves the fungus faster and without risk of the side-effects of prescription drugs and is also so much cheaper.

Tip of the Month....April


Feel a migraine, headache coming on...lie down in a dimly lit room and press your thumb pad onto the padded area of your big toes for a minute...leave 5 minutes and repeat....repeat the procedure until the pain numbs. As the pain subsides from your big toe, your headache will disappear too. Preferable get someone to do this for you...Try it!

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